March 14, 2024

Homeward bound

"Called after 5pm when we discovered a set of house keys were missing. Enrique took the call, advised he was available right then, and I texted him the address. Very nice gentleman…explained what he was going to do and got to work. Had everything needed in his truck. In under 90 minutes, we had the front and rear door locks changed with extra keys cut. Very courteous conversation."
March 12, 2024

2024-03-19 | 15:20:06

"Enrique with Express locksmith was quick and professional. Exceptional customer service. Would definitely recommend."
January 5, 2024

Robert | 2024-01-04 20:32:10

"Had a gunbox that would not open, and after significant effort on my part to get it open following procedures outlined on the product's webpage, took it to Enrique. He also did some extensive trouble shooting and discovered that the electrical cord/transformer that came with the box was not supplying sufficient voltage to allow the box to open using the RFID card provided. He hooked the box to an external power source, and it immediately opened. He is the consummate professional and highly recommend his services! "
April 13, 2023

Jennifer | 2023-04-10 21:15:46

"Enrique is professional, friendly, thorough and quick! I highly recommend him! After calling around, for quotes to fix and replace our broken key entry lock, I found that his prices were competitive and transparent! I chose him over other people in the same price range because he was polite and friendly; and he gave me flat rate that I could trust. I loved that he asked enough questions to give me a quote over the phone and when he arrived, he even explained the issue, how he fixed it and offered to do a few minor tweaks to my doors to help them open and close better! He honored the price he quoted. There were no surprises and he left my lock and doors in better shape than even before! He even explained the pros and cons of different key entry knobs/locks for any future changes for my other doors. "
March 29, 2023

John | 2023-03-29 02:26:06

"Rick was awesome, and stayed longer because we had issues. But got the job done. And was very knowledgeable "